Thursday 7 January 2016

Winter is comming - Last ride

The winter has been mild up until now. I have been on various short rides in Nov/dec but only to the shops or language school etc.

I did attempt a ride out to the country on one sunny day after language school but turned back as it was too cold for my Kevlar jeans. I also rode once when the Beemers temp indicator was flashing sub 3deg warning at me. I needed to get to school so I braved it and apart from a few ice patches in holes it was fine.

My BMW insurance covers the bike over winter which is unusual here as all other companies do not cover you for winter. However, as a wise man once said if you are staring down a snowy icy road wondering if your insurance will cover you you are really worrying about the wrong thing.
It is now consistently under 0 degrees, the lake is frozen over and just today we had some beautiful snow fall.

So that's it for this season.

The Beemer is now happily tucked away in the under ground car park which does not drop below freezing. I therefore lucky that I don't have to take all the winter precautions or options that others do. For example it is common here for people to board there bikes at a place that will keep them safe and above zero for the winter.

Many here find winter depressing it is so prevalent that we even learn about "vinterdrepression" in language school, how to recognise it, avoid it and or treat it. I however love it (so far) and the snow has a pleasing and cheering effect on me.

I'm keen for it to snow again in a day or so as I think that will then be enough to get the skis out for a trundle around the lake or in the forest. Its unlikely to happen but here's hoping.

Boats starting to freeze in

The birds have taken up skating on the Castle lake

The lake is now completely covered in ice

Snow clearing devices and their humble pilots have appeared from nowhere keeping all the pedestrian ways clear

Down town Kolding is absolutely beautiful with a dusting of snow

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