Saturday 6 August 2016 Day 15. Helsinki to Tallinn 0 km ( on a bike that is)

Today was spent wanfdering around Helsinki. The design district, the waterfront followed by boarding our ferry to Estonia (hence the .ee).

Helsinki turned on a beautiful sun filled day. In fact so fine that the design meuseum was bypassed after entering and almost passing out due to the heat. We visited the natural history museum (brilliant taxidermy and old school displays) wandered along the foreshore and reclined in designer chairs sipping coffees. 

We tried again to find the fabled hipster Kallio district, but again we were disappointed, apart from a few topknots there was no vibe.

 Boarded the ferry to Tallinn around 6pm choosing the overnight option which. Means you get a cabin and sleep untill 7 am before disembarking. The trick being that th trip is 2 hours but you sleep in port for about a third of the price of a hotel in Tallinn. Go figure.

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