Wednesday 18 July 2018

Tour of Scotland day 3 Newcastle to Grasmere

The usual multiple anouncements on the ferry making it impossible to sleep in. Now to see if the bike has enough petrol to get to the first petrol station. I’m in luck and were off the ferry. Now what the fuck is this boarder control rubbish? I mean what is the point of all this Brexit rubish when we had to wait in line (burning fuel) to get passports checked and customs checked. With the closets paetrol sation punched in the GOS we were off into the dodgiest part of Newcastle. God this place can be depressing.
Found it, and what a Servo it is. It even had an outdoor laundromat facility for those who happend to trudge through this former industrial area with a swag of washing over their shoulder.

Servo pie, washing, glassing, fuel what more do you need

We headed straight sth heading for the lakes district and on leaving we crossed the river and saw the rather inticing heart of Newcastle. Must check it out properly.
On to grassmere via

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