Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 11 Santo Domingo de la Calzada (21.5km)

Passed the 200 km mark some time today.

Cafe doble (long black) - 1.20euro

Zumo de naranja (fresh orange juice) - 1.50euro

Bocodillo jamon e tomate e queso ( ham cheese tomato sandwich) - 3.50 euro

200km of walking not one blister - Priceless

The color of the soil has turned from grey/brown to red over the last two days. Crops are still the same but irrigation is now widespread so very green. The snow covered mountains have made themselves visible also and I think(hope) this is as close as we get to them.

I spoke too soon about 1km from the days accommodation I ignored some dirt in the heel of my sock and have just discovered a tiny blister at the rear of my left heel. My fault should have stopped. Oh well.

St Domingo is reportedly the patron saint of civil engineers so feeling positive will soon discover a patron saint of genetic engineering (I fear not while the Catholic church has any power remaining though)

Checked into hotel Paredor de Santo Domingo - Bernado de . An old monastery now a hotel very flash and still less than a Australian trashy motel.

Finally found a proper Resaurant ie one that has something other than a perigrino menu. Stumbled upon absolutely sensational meal. I had cod stuffed peppers wraped in jamon and roast lamb but i belive the beef tournedo was even better. The wine selection is great with really good examples of the region. Deserts muscat etc all perfect. This was all freshly prepared ie it was refreshing not to hear the ping of a microwave from the kitchen, which seems to be common in the restaurants you see on the Camino.

Michelin recommended and all for about 55 euro per head.

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