Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 13 San Juan de Ortega 25km or The gift that keeps on giving

Kathryn (aka Typhoid Mary) has given me the chest/throat cold she has been battling for the last week. However rather than a petit girly cold it has some how mutated into variant strain which I have aptly named "Ebola lite" ie all the symptoms of Ebola but without killing you. Any way back to the walk.

Part 1, fine weather little towns every couple of Kms with cafes that were open.

Part 2, 12 Kms of up hill baking (27deg) fire trail trough pine plantations. Absolutely no wind nor shade

Eventually arriving at San Juan de Ortega (sounds like line from Johny Depp as Don Juan) we checked into the only hostel In town at the only bar in town and headed for a shower and kip. Returning to the bar at 8 for dinner we were informed that there were no more seats for dinner and that there was no where else to get food in town.
So dinner was an apple and a bag of Gummy bears.

Why the flock do you provide beds take the money and only after that inform the client that you cannot feed the people you have sold beds too. In the words of basil Fawlty "Beats me how they ever organized an Armada"
What a way to advertise your Resaurant
Camino de dia - fire trail

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