Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 25 Rest day 2 Leon

Still feeling shit so rest day again today. Shops are open (as much as they do in Spain) so will try and send useless inov-8 shoes back to manufacturer and some superfluous stuff on to Santiago.

Did drag my sorry arse out of bed for breakfast this AM and had a little look around in yhe process. This is a very beautiful city and it's a pity I've not felt up-to exploring it properly. There's a modern art museum, very special cathedral, and loads of cool architecture. You might recognize the picture below from he film "The Way". It's the Parador (Hotel posh) where Martin sheen shouts every one a room. It is an old monastery with cloistered garden, museum and church. Parador seems to mean five star hotel chain that has bought out all the great monasteries and turned them into hotels. Only 139€ per twin room. Spain must be in a bad way if it's selling of its monasteries. I wonder of they have told the Vatican.

Ate Chinese (a rarity in these here parts) two nights running as it was close to hotel and we were so desperate for some flavor in our food. It was quite yummy even though the quality was equivalent to your ozzie small country town jade lantern type affair. The beauty of this place is you can pig out and an hour layer you've shat it all out due to the lashings of MSG they add, so low cal as well as tasty, brilliant.

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