Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 26 Villar de Mazarife (20km)

Managed to get drugs from English speaking Farmacia last night. All that crap they spin about no efidrine etc is just that, crap apparently pharmacists here can give you prescription drugs if they choose as they apparently ha training and powers almost like a GP. (picture attached for those who need the Spanish eqivalent of cold and flu meds, note they do not have night and day concept of these in spain)

So having now down graded the Ebola light to severe bird flu I decided to do a short walk today say 10km.

Pretty revolting exiting Leon scummy industrial and ghetto type scenery. Luckily I was walking in a bit of a daze anyway. Arriving at the 10k town guess what? That's right no accommodation none, zip, nada. Literally they don't provide accommodation at all. Brilliant, now it's a 20k day.

The heat had come up so plodded slowly on through quite dry Meseta landscape (see picture) to Villar de Mazarife. Managed to secure the last scraps of accommodation there and slept for 2hrs before dinner.

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