Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 34 Samos (~22km)

Pre sunrise start and down, down, down, roadside and treed paths to breakfast at Fonfria. There was a frost this morning which turned the patches of dandelions into little frozen globes like those frosted glass christmas decorations we were always breaking when decorating the Christmas tree as children. These too could be broken with the slightest touch of a walking pole. Very cool.

Apart from some shity on road bits the remainder pf today was beautiful and all pretty much as the couple of pictures below suggest. There are loads of little towns but few with accommodation or food but they do look nice. Finally arrived in Samos with the first signs being a look out over the huge monastery (pic below).

Checked into Hotel A Vegia and had a beautifully tender steak off the indoor barbecue (a rare treat to get a great piece of meat)

Siesta over its Gin Y Tonica time ....again.

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