Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 35 100km to go - Morgade (27km)

I was completely lacking in energy today. Not sure whats going on feet were swollen and purple last night and breathing has been a bit tough. Anyway the upshot was that I'm very slow and a bit dizzy. Consequentially navigation was not up to scratch and took an "alternate route" that basically added an hour or so and bypassed any breakfast towns.

The camino has many little "options" I think mainly devised by towns to draw you in an spend (even if they are all closed). Often, as today someone will have graffitied out an official sign to lead you on a different route. I think they are getting desperate.

The route today was very picturesque and foggy in the morning. However, I was having so much difficulty I couldn't appreciate it just curse the extra Kms.

The fog cleared and the sun started shooting he temperature up to the predicted 33deg we trudged on to the destination town just stopping to snap the final big land mark before Santiago , the "100 km to go mark". Exhausted we landed at ~3pm almost 2 hours long than expected and in the hottest part of the day.

Straight to bed for me

Misty for the first half of today. I

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