Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 37 - 700km mark - Melide (~31km)

Yep, past the 700km mark this morning the last of these milestones. As Satiago is 70 odd Kms away.

The morning was misty and only burnt off by 11. Galicia is beautiful, rolling hills, stone fences and tiny villages. green, green,green.

Planned a 20km day today but the Camino foiled us again no acc at the first second, third options so an extra 11ks. Luckily it was cool today so doable but the knees and feet had had enough.

Melide is a rather large town but accommodation is very well hidden. After walking around in the rain for 20min we finally found a bar with rooms.

Kip then beer I think. Only 50kms to Santiago now so only 3 short days.

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