Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 38 Azrua (~15km)

Last nights pension was above a bar on the main bar street. This coupled with this being a Saturday night meant there was no sleep to be had until 4:30 am. Consequentially a sleep in untill 10am was required followed by breakfast and fresh churros before hitting the Camino. The town was alive with market activity. Something I've not see elsewhere on the Camino.

It was a short day today due to yesterday's fiasco. Gentle rolling hills and many many sub 100km pilgrims. The loud groups of American college students on break. The loved up couples holding hand (presumably this is a honeymoon destination). All equipped with no pack at all.

I can see the last 100ks becoming a four day pub crawl destination like Porkies meats Cancun.

Today was a bit special in that for a large part we were walking through gum tree forests. The smell and the leaf litter on the trail were soothing and comfortable reminders of home. I believe a guy has planted these to corner the eucalyptus oil market here in Spain.

Azrua appeared without much ado. It is pretty unattractive town much like last night. We are definitely getting to the dregs of the Camino. The country side is still nice but the bigger towns, accommodation stds, class of pilgrim and prices have an altogether more mainstream touristy flavor to them.

~40km to go.

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