Thursday, 28 June 2012


Flew in late last night and stay ever so briefly in a b&b @ Bishop Stropton near the airport. National rail journey for most of the day to Manchester.

British rail has been sold off and the resultant mess is woeful. Prices are through the roof but also all over the place eg today on line we could get,for the same trip, 380£ economy, 128£ economy or 68£ first class what a joke. So no prizes for guessing which we went for. Madness.

Only got one nights accomodation in Manchester as its summer and there are concerts on so no rooms thur thru the week end. Have some shopping for walking guides new shoots food fuel etc but can't stay here. Booking a couple of nights at a pub in Lancaster and will have to come back to manchester during the week if cant get stuff tomorrow.

One of the gear shops had a multistory ice climbing wall in a large glass walled multistory freezer (see photo) way cool.

Note the welcoming committee. These two locals expressed their delight at my arrival by sporting commemorative T shirts (MCR = my initials)
First class the legacy of an appalling British asset sell off


ice climbing wall in shop

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