Monday, 23 July 2012

C2C Day 18 Egton Bridge (22.2k)

After the publican drove us back to the trail at the Lion inn we saw they were doing espresso so popped in. It was your typical horse brass and low ceiling affair and it was the latter that was my downfall (literally) After ordering coffees I walked into a low door way so hard I found my self flat out on the floor with the staff flapping around me. Luckily they had padded the lintel a little (ha ha) so no blood. I have felt a bit odd and head/neck ache all day, (Sneck lifter I hear you cry). I don't think I passed out.

Any way, out onto the moors to get to Glaisdale and the Arncliff Arms for a couple of pints of Speckled Hen and a roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Mmmm

It was just a short, pissed, walk to this evenings lodgings at the Horseshoe Inn at Egton Bridge. Apparently the nicest village on the coast to coast. From the beer garden it appears to be true.

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