Sunday, 22 July 2012

C2C Day 17 Blakley Ridge (18k)

Easy moor ramble today. We had accommodation in the Feaversham arms as small shooting pub which was off track so took a track of a ridge as suggested by the guide book. Map, Gps and Guide showed the track but clearly no one told the track. Ended up stumbling over heather clearly through someone's property ending up in the farmers house. The farmer was cool when I apologized profusely and played the Australian card(everyone has a relative in OZ). He let us continue through his property to the pub.

The woman who ran the pub explained the shooting season to me. Apparently shooters (or Guns) pay 2000£ a day to shoot. There are 8 Guns in a days shoot and they will shoot at total of 200-300 grouse in a day. Shooting happens 6 days a week (as sunday is a rest day). This occurs right throughout the season between 12th of August to 10th December.
That's a shit load of birds, money and tweed.

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