Monday, 9 July 2012

C2C Day 5 Patterdale (12.8k)

I'm writing this post from the beer garden of the Patterdale Pub with a pint of Bodingtons to steady my typing finger.

Another up add down day today, meaning the first half of the walk was climbing to a saddle, Grisdale Hause (600m) then down for the later half through a valley following Grisdale Beck.

The weather again held the rain and we even has some sun in the arvo. The climbing is pretty tough and a good work out. The descent is tricky and rocky consequentially I went back on my knee today so it's a bit sore. Silly me, i was chatting and didn't place my foot properly.

The scenery is stunning and the photos don't portray the size and steepness very well. I'm afraid Alcott of the views are similar so photos all look the same. Not a bad problem to have really, "more bloody beautiful scenery"

A big day tomorrow 25k with shit loads of climbing. The distances all sound so insignificant compared to Spain but the terrain certainly takes its toll.


  1. Its great that the weather has held for you - it was really windy when we did this bit as a day walk, and I did a detour up Helvellyn on the way back to get the car. The girls did a bit of rock scrambling beside some of the waterfalls on the way up the climb from Grasmere. Hope you are enjoying the pubs!

  2. PS from memory you can catch the ullswater steamer across bits of the lake from paterdale ... though its probably a bit late for me to mention that