Monday, 13 August 2012

Norway - Honningsvaag - Nordkapp

Traveling up through the Fiords during the evening I enjoyed a cigar on the poop deck whilst watching the world go by in the midnight sun. I even set the GPS alarm to get up around 1pm to watch us travel under a bridge that was soon low the ship had to lower it's mast to fit under.

After not much sleep at all I awoke too the announcement we had docked in Honingsvaag. This town is a bit low key but really it's main business is the port nearest Nordkapp, arguably the furthest most place on the European mainland. I say arguably as of course it's not but there is a big investment in the centre at Nordkapp so why let the truth get in the way of a few bucks.

We all pilled into busses to travel
The 45 min to Nordkapp. On route we saw heards of wild reindeer grazing (very cool) and also got a chance to stop at a touristy "Sami" camp (the indigenous people in these parts) to take photos of this poor old bastard that stands in the one spot all day sporting traditional costume with his pet reindeer so we punters can take photos.

Nordkapp had impressive scenery but the tourist bunker extravaganza is just that.

In the arvo we wandered around town sniffing out wifi and coffee. Then later popped into the "ice bar" (see photos) which sounded crap but was quite fun for a place that didn't serve alcohol.

We left Honningsvaag around 9pm and sailed out and around the Nordkapp so we could see where we had stood earlier today. Sailing around the Northern most point was more impressive than driving there.

The reindeer were by far my favorite bit . Their fur is so soft and dense. No wonder arctic explorers used to sleep on and under it.
Sami Stunt Man
Ice Bar
Reindeer (Obviously)
Nordkapp edge of Europe
Sleigh and antlers on way to Nordkapp
Stylish and wearable sleeping bag
Nordkapp from the Ship as we sailed past

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  1. Hi Marcus, I'm enjoying your updates. Lots of variety in your travels and just the right level of detail. Keep up the great work.