Thursday, 18 October 2012

GS OZ Day 22 Cape Range National Park

Today I hired fins, mask and snorkel and headed for the National park. I spent a couple of hours snorkling the drift at Turquoise Bay. You walk up the beach 300m swim out to the Ningaloo reef then let the drift current take you over the fish and coral before swimming to shore before you get swept out to sea via the channel that causes the drift.

Brilliant snorkeling I did a couple of circuits until i'd had enough sun and started to cool down. Managed some shots and movies but these betray the real view. Much better than say the Whitsunday's.

After Turquoise bay I headed to Oyster Stacks but too knackered to go in. Then it was back for a late lunch via the turtle station and , the light house (no turtles there all out shagging, Nov is egg laying season)

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