Friday, 19 October 2012

GS OZ Day 23 Tom Price 636km 7:45hr

I'll be buggered if the ground isn't rusting.

I left the coast and headed inland. My intent is to see what all this mining's about before heading to the Karajini national park.

A big day today with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees. The morning was big flat red bull dust plains with low bushes. After a lunch stop at house creek (dry like all creeks around here, see photo) this yielded to rusty coloured ground slowly rising to rusty mountains. Not sure you have to be a shit hot geologist to surmise "there's iron in them there hills".

I'm now in the hart of the "mining boom" experience and its got it all. Dust every where. I had to wait 15 minutes whilst a 3km long iron ore train crossed the road. The place is ozzing with cashed up bogans and consequentially everything is expensive right up the coral coast.

Accommodation is scarce, all snaffled by Rio Tinto. I'm managed to get the last cabin in a caravan park and all my neighbours are miners. I'm now off for the miners buffet, $25 for all that you can hold down.

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