Sunday, 21 October 2012

GS OZ Day 24 Karijini National Park 120km 1:10hr

Started the day off with a tour of Rio Tintos Tom Price mine. Fascinating, very simple concept really

1, blow stuff up
2, shovel stuff into massive truck,
3, take stuff to be crushed,
4, then put said crushed stuf on bloody bigg train to port Hedland,
5, ship stuff off to china,
6, buy back the steel from china in the shape of a 4WD
7, use 4WD to get to mine to blow mire stuff up
8, Repeat until dead or stuff runs out, or Chinese just take the stuff by military force.

Well worth a visit,

Then it was off to Karijini National park.

 I set up camp in the 45degree heat and red dust then walked down into the gorge for a swim at circular pool. Beautiful gorge and stunning water hole at least until  I spotted thousands of tiny black things swimming in the pool. After catching one and idenifying it as a leech I was crushed. Such a beautiful pool riddled with these little blood succers and so hot. After about 1/2 an hour my need to cool down out weighed my fear of leeches so I dived in swam at speed in a circle then bolted out. I managed to pick up one passenger which I promptly eradicated. A refreshing but terrifying swim and on the walk out of the gorge I kept looking for extra passengers removing my shirt several times.

Spent the evening under my shelter reading and cooking until the temperature opped enough to retire to the tent for a read and a kip.

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  1. Marcus, great pictures and stunning scenery. Just spotted your little chair - what is it and where did you get it? Theo