Sunday, 21 October 2012

GS OZ Day 25 Port Headland 396k 5:10hr

I decided not to stay another day at Karijini as I couldn't stand the heat and flies so decided to head for Port Hedland. On the way out I felt bad and decided to go for one more walk to Fortesque Falls and Fern Pool. I'm so glad I did it was spectacular and
no leeches so I spent about an hour there swimming, chilling and trying to
Get a snap of the amazing red dragon flies the are every where.

From there it was a relatively short 396k ride to Port Hedland via the great nthrn hwy. A brilliant ride that took me and the Beemer through sweeping bend after bend in the ranges down to searing flat plains where the temperature average 45deg and the road trains were plentifully and now up to 4 trailers long. The driver are great and make passing safe and easy by signaling when it's OK to proceed which is handy as you need to pack a lunch to pass one off these puppies..

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