Friday, 26 October 2012

GS OZ Day 29 Broome

Rest day today for the hands. Pain is easing and can grip my knife. I didn't leave the resort and tried not to use the hand much.

I did however effect a modification to my helmet. I have been suffering from a low frequency vibration that leaves my ears ringing even with ear plugs. I have been dicking around with the screen, earplugs etc scince leaving Melbourne but I've narrowed it down to my helmet peak. It suffers from some kind of harmonic vibrating above 90kph. I source some wheel weights from Small Engine World (free, thanks guys) and today I attached them to the underside of the peak to dampen the vibration. I'll see how that goes, looks promising.

The wild life is a bit keen around here. I found a green tree frog kicking around in the toilet tonight. Don't worry I didn't flush him.

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