Wednesday, 31 October 2012

GSOZ Day 34 Fitzroy Crossing 360km 4hr

Wow Boab trees. These are my new favourite thing in the world. I'll try and get a great photo but most have been butchered by bogans carving their names in them.

Cattle and horses every where all waiting to run in front of you. I was also almost taken out by an eagle. This massive bird was feeding on some road kill and decided to take off a bit late, right in my path. Most birds are agile but these suckers take a bit to change direction any way missed by 10s of cm.

The scenery was mostly huge lightly tree'd flood plains and occasional dry river crossings. The whole place is on fire or has been burnt recently. At one stage I had flames either side of the road as I road through the smoke.

The tourist info advised me not to take the 200k dirt trip to tunnel creek and as she said the corrugations were shocking at the moment, the river crossing was borderline for a bike and there were two big sandy stretches. I did stick my nose up the road and the corrugations started immediately. Oh well next time.

It was 42deg when I stopped in Forzroy crossing. It's a nowhere place with not much to offer so I booked into a workers cabin at the famous Crossing Inn. A quaint little pub with weld mesh on all the windows and doors closing at 6pm so the locals don't get too pissed and unruly. Now a workers cabin is an Atco shed on stilts containing single bed, small TV, shower, toilet and an air conditioner that is so loud you have to where earplugs. All this for the bargain basement cost of $180. The food was good though, salt & pepper squid for entrée and grilled barra for main, washed down with a couple of beers ($70). I ate outside by candle light under the Boabs, pretty bloody nice

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