Friday, 2 November 2012

GS OZ Day 37 Katherine Gorge 60km

Early start and quick squirt out to Natimilk Nat park to see Katherine Gorge. The light was a little hazy but the gorge was very special. Art on the rocks, orange walls and still deep green waters.

My first thunderstorm tonight. Wow, the lightning and thunder lead the way followed by geckos heading inside, then a bit of wind and now the deluge. I got saturated just running across the car park. It's very special and impressive but I'm sure ill be over it in the weeks to come. For now its brilliant as its the first rain since the Coorong in SA and its is also the Beemers first official wash.

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  1. Hi Marcus, well done with the excellent photos. What a stuff up with the front tire. I can see how the new ones would work very well in dirt - what are they like on black top? Your boots look very nice. or at least they did, I suppose by now they look a bit more worn in. Any issues with the bike at 10,000? Have you officially reached the halfway point of your trip yet?