Saturday, 10 November 2012

GS OZ Day 44 Jabiru 450k 5:30hr

Had another attempt at Wangi Falls first thing this morning. However the thunder and lightning started followed by pissing rain so I couldn't be bothered walking down to the falls from the car park probably couldnt even see them anyway. Instead I put on the wet weather gear (a bit late I fear) and rode a few more km's to the Wangi Cafe for a brew and to wait it out. After 4 k's and muddy/slippery spot of dirt I found that it was closed. Bugger this place what hoax.

So I turned the Beemer around paddled back through the mud and headed, in the driving rain, for Kakadu. I did however see my first wild dingo crossing the road right in front of me.

The rain stopped on the Kakadu hwy so I visited frog dam and spotted a couple of Brolga's very spectacular. I did take a video but they were a bit small in that due to helmet cams fish eye lens and also the still camera batteries had conveniently died.

From there it was a shortish ride through the wet lands and monsoonal forest plains to Jabiru where I checked into the worlds most expensive cabin at the caravan park.

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