Sunday, 11 November 2012

GS OZ Day 45 Gagudju

Rode north to Ubirr this morning. This is famous for its rock art. They weren't kidding this place is riddled with the stuff. Way back in first grade my teacher spent most of the year teaching us about Aboriginal culture (very unusual in those days) and some of the art work I saw in books I'm now experiencing in the flesh, finally, some forty odd years later. Mind blowing.

From there it was south to Gagudju for the night and a evening cruise on the Yellow Waters. This was an awesome experience where seeing hated my first salt water crocs and more bird life than I could possibly name but to name some, Brolgas, Jabiru, Night Heron, two types of Kingfishers(my fav), sea eagles etc etc.

These bloody drinking laws in Kakadu. Just bought a bottle of Squealing Pig sav balanc to enhance the digestion of the Barra. They refused to let me take what I didn't drink back with me. Ie They indirectly command you to drink the whole bottle in sight. No wonder there is an indigenous drinking issue. Bastards!

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