Monday, 12 November 2012

GS OZ Day 46 Daly River 530km 6:30hr

The road from Jabiru to Pine Creek is one of the featured motorcycle roads in the Hema Motorcycle Atlas. Great ride not much straight with huge 100k++ (conservative) rhythmic sweepers and scenery to keep you amused. The four trailer road trains are a pain as almost zero overtaking opportunities and because of the undulations they slow to 80k or below. But they help out as much as they can.

From Pine Creek it was sth to Katherine to Daly waters Pub which didn't have any vacancies so on to the Hwy Inn to nestle into my first official Donga (small Atco shed, $80, aircon, bed, fridge, tiny bathroom etc all you need) it's actually the same as alot of the other "motel rooms" without pretending to be anything more

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