Thursday, 22 November 2012

GS OZ Day 56 Alice Surrounds

Popped out to see a couple of mini canyons in the eastern McDonald ranges, Emily and Jessie Gaps each a dry riverbed gap through the rages with rock art referring to three caterpillars that have some indigenous link to creation if the area. I couldn't pick any caterpillar likes attributes to these though.

Like a good communications engineer I also payed tribute to the profession by visiting the Alice Telegraph Office reserve.

To finish up another great day I swam drank beer and read my book. Then it was off to shower and put on my formal thongs, T-shirt and shorts as David and Margaret came to the hotel for a Barra feast. Had a good farewell catchup discussing everything from my grandparents lives to indigenous issues.

I must say that so far in my travels i have not seen anything that would paint anything but a pretty grim picture of the indigenous people's plight. They seem by in large hopeless and lost.i hope I'm wrong.

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