Friday, 23 November 2012

GS OZ Day 57 Barkley Station 725km 8:00hr

Big day @ 44 degrees. Fuelled up at Aileron where apart from fuel they sport the brilliant 10m status of the Desert Mermaid (pic) outside and her man atop the mountain behind. There is definitely some artistic licence going on here as the indigenous forms hanging around under the trees waiting for the bar to open at 11am dont look anything like the sculptures. To be fair I suspect its their crap diet though.

I was planning to stay at Tenant Creek but on riding through I suspected the drunks would prevent any sleep that night if the bed bugs didn't do the trick. So on to Three Ways to fuel up and check ahead to see if Barkley Homestead had a bed. They did so it onwards another 200k.

Barkley station accommodation and steaks were excellent. So much better than any other road house I've stayed at.

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