Saturday, 24 November 2012

GS OZ Day 58 Mount Isa 460km 4:30hr

Not the earliest of starts and 42deg at 10:00am. I left NT today crossing into QLD the most noticeable change is the speed limit decrease fro 130 down to 100kph. After a month or more traveling at 130+ 100kph seems like walking pace and travel times increase accordingly. Also as one needs now needs to constantly check the speedo distraction has increase exponentially.

Many fires along the way some you had to ride through fast and feel the heat. Luckily I'd stocked up on Sqwincher an electrolyte replacement powder used by the mining industry to keep their staff hydrated in the mines. David put me onto it and it has helped heaps as I was drinking lots of water but still getting fatigued craps etc now that's all gone

On approach to Mt Isa a brilliant lightning storm surrounded me. The sky darkened so much that the instrument lights came on and the temperature plummeted fro 44 down to 23. Then the rain started. Not too hard but as it hit the hot trees an intense eucalyptus smell permeated the air. It was almost overpowering reminding me of eucalyptus inhalations administered as a cold ridden child.

Not wishing to ride further in the lightning, spectacular as it was I decided to stop in Isa. Mount Isa is a mining town and has that desperate, artificial, "cashed up bogan" cloud hanging over it. I have noticed a strong correlation with this type of atmosphere and the presence of Harley dealerships.

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