Sunday, 22 November 2015

First Snow

 Awoke to my first Danish Snow fall. It was beautiful with light floating flakes falling most of the morning. Only a small amount has survied to the evening but it was still brilliant. Hopefully it doesnt snow tomorrow as I have to ride my motorcycle to Language school.

Snow on our balcony

Snow on the castle


  1. That should be exciting. The warning on your instrument panel goes off at 3ºC from memory - watch out for ice.

    1. Theo. Yep it started flashing at 3deg just outside the carpark. I have to ride to Sprogskolen on Mondays and yesterday whilst riding the lowest reading was -3 but i think the sensor must be altered by wind chill as there was only a little snow on the grass and the roads were clear an damp. Just rode really slowlyand avoided ice patches in the holes.

      this may be the end off riding until next year.