Thursday 11 August 2016 Day 20 Broen "The Bridge" and Kolding (416km) via the Danish pipeshop

Ever whatched the Scandi drama the bridge? Its namesake and beginning scene is the 8km long Bridge from Mamo Sweden to Near Copenhagen Denmark. I loved this series and have been wanting to see and cross this engineering marvel for a while.  So bugger it, we did.

Broen (The Bridge)  was completed in Aug 1999. The project consisted on constructing and Island a tunnel and the bridge containing a cable-stayed main span of 490m, which is the longest cable-stayed span in the world carrying both road and rail traffic. It costs 48euro ($71AUD) for a car and 26euro ($38 AUD) for a motorcycle. So whilst it was fun its not the cheapest thrill one can have. I understand that if you commute for work you can apply for a %75 discount.

Stock Photo
The project built the bridge, an island and a tunnel
Said Bridge, Island and tunnel

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  1. Wow, nearly 5000 km and lots of rain. Looks like a fabulous trip though. Glad to see you're home safe and sound. We're caravanning in Queensland at the moment and having a great time. Arrived in Noosa today and staying here a week.