Thursday 4 August 2016 Day 13 Vaasa to Helsinki 428km

We arrive in Vassa just after midnight. We had pre booked a cheap hotel nearby so rode there and frigged around in the dark trying to find the key they had left for us. The place looked right out of some the USSR era concrete floors, metal doors, smell wafting up from the drain in the bathroom and the manditory two tone painted walls (Gulag green and jaundice yellow). Any way it was comfy and we slept until 9am.

It was to be a longish ride so we headed off after some pea sp for late breakfast. (Guess they were out of boiled grass). Before we left Vaasa we dropped into BMW Motrorad dealer who kindly got a friendly mechanic to re bend Gertys hand guard and re attach the end weight at no charge.

 We were off and as if on queue the rain started. We pulled up in Tampere for a coffee to warm up as we were starting to freeze.

60ks out from Helsinki we stopped for fuel and two things happened. Gerty dropped here bike again against the petrol pump. (Panniers are looking very adventurous now) and the sun came out. Within half an hour we were checking into the hotel but not before Gerty took out a pot plant with her pannier and went again crashing to the ground. This was quite a bad fall as it was unexpected. We were still I the pulling area of the hotel and some kind people rushed to see if she was OK. Her nerves were rattle but otherwise no injury except to said pot plant and the panniers which now have trouble opening.

I noticed an Indian restraunt across the way. So I put Gerty in a warm bath and I think we'll head over for a kingfisher or two.

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