Wednesday 3 August 2016 Day 12 Umeå then change of plan Finland and the Baltics

This morning we visited the Västerbottens  Museum, which had a skiing history exhibition amongst other exhibits. Here they displayed one of the oldest skis ever discovered 

Note the single scoop shaped pole

Oldest skis in captivity 

Following this we explored our next moves in Sweden over a coffee. Gerty rode out to BMW to get her sticking throttle looked at. Turns out her spill yesterday bent the hand guards into the throttle grip thus retarding its spring back. The mechanic removed the end weight to fix this but we will have to bend the guard back over the next couple of days to avoid undesirable handlebar vibrations.

Mmmm, what next? After talking to some Swedes suggesting Sweden is pretty much all pine forests in terms of riding we decided to catch the night ferry to Vasa in Finland then make our way through the Baltic states. 

How cool is Europe

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