Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Camino Round up


Distance walked = just under 800km
(there is no official distance as there is no official route and many options and detours)

Total days to complete = 40

Total walking days = 37

Total rest days = 3

Avg dist per walking day = ~22km

Min distance on walking day= ~8km

Max distance on walking day = ~32km

Rainy days =~ 3

Overcast but dry days =~ 3

Sunny days (read hot) = 34

Avg daily spend = ~60€

Avg accom = twin room with small or shared bathroom in a private hostel, albergue or hotel

No of nights in dorm accom = 3 (yuck main problem lack of sleep)

No of pilgrims completing Camino during May = ~22,000

No of pilgrims per year = ~150k (2011) this is increasing each year and in holy years this might almost double eg ~200k (2010)

3 fondest recollections

- having nothing to do but walk

- poppies, oranges, storks (3 actually I know)

- the country side

3 least favorite parts

- injury and sickness, due to and not helped by, no recovery time and the next point

- lack of variety, fibre, and vegetables in the food. (take multi vitamins)

- pilgrims, too many and in many cases what they reveal about humanity (although of course they also make the Camino)

Main surprises

- the lack basic English language skills (read zero in many case) from those whose income depends on, (and has done for centuries) pilgrims who (other than Spanish) most likely understand english as second language. (more and economic observation than anything)

- the lack of business and customer service mentality along the way. There appears to be many simple business opportunities going to waste in a country with such high unemployment and dire economic direction.

- How hot it gets and how limiting this was on how far you I could go in a day.

- the number of pilgrims in this period and it's effect on accommodation availability. I thought this was a shoulder time and not a religious year but the stats show almost exponential growth and the infrastructure can get strained. I have no idea how it copes in European holiday time.

- finally walking with Kathryn the whole way. Originally i was to walk alone but due to coincidental gap year timing Kathryn and i decided to start together. I expected we would go at our own paces and end up walking separately but it turned out differently and worked really well. We started, finished, had breaks, meals, stops, chats,etc together but did most actual walking alone but never too far out of sight. Great to share the experience but still have time with myself. Oh, also we didn't kill each other or have any major fall outs. :-)

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  1. Hi Marcus, what an amazing conclusion on the day before your birthday, so have a wonderful birthday Kxo