Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Farewell Zadar hello UK

We leave croatia on a late flight tonight.

I think Croatia has earned the friendliest country in the world title.

I had no expectations beyond what i had read about sailing but it has been and absolute delight to travel here. The people are supper friendly, super trusting and trust worthy. I felt safe even in the dodgiest bits.

Even though some of their customer service processes need some work the individuals are truly interested in helping you not just pretending because their incentives tell them they should.

You do need to like pizza and beer though. No problem here on that account.

Next stop Manchester

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  1. Hi Marcus,still following your adventures with great interest and envy. The weather here has been shite for some time but tomorrow promises to be fine so time for a decent bike ride. After reading your blog I will pack a cigar and smoke it somewhere nice as a gesture of solidarity. Cheers Theo