Tuesday, 24 July 2012

C2CDay 20 FINISH Robin Hoods Bay (7.8k)

Short stroll to the cliff line then down the coast to Robin Hoods Bay. 25deg and bloody hot today all the poms were out walking with the their shirts off. It's amazing they haven't heard of sun cream the minute the suns out the pale and red headed strip off and get a good tan (read burn)

Anyway finally finished. Touched the north sea then back up the hill for a celebratory pint and lunch. I had hoped to swim but see the pictures the english riviera is not all its cracked up to be. You'd have to wade about 2km out just to get your shoulders wet. The British can sure do a village but they can't do beaches for shit.


  1. Well done to you both - what's next on the agenda? - we have some nice stone beaches down here that you can swim at.

    1. Yes, well done. I'm glad I chose the more relaxing part of your world jaunt to join! Enjoy the rest period before the next adventure.

  2. Well done Marcus - another big tick! What's next? Theo