Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pulled Pork

Denmark seems to produce a shit load of pork for Europe,  I think it must be the biggest export even before wind turbines and LEGO. So today's ride consisted of Gerty showing me a great little motorcycle cafe just near Midlefart on the island of Fyn.

We rode out of Kolding eastward across the bridge joining Jylland and Fyn and shortly afterwards we came upon a little cafe with loads of motorcycles parked out side. The cafe does a roaring trade and there must have been 50 bikes there all getting their free coffee and great burgers. We followed the lead of a group of Scuba divers that were refuelling after a mornings dive (Dry suits all year around here) and ordered the Pulled Pork Burger. My God what a taste sensation. This little cafe will now definitely become a regular launching point for rides in Fyn which allegedly contains some real danish twisites.

Said Cafe

Gerty and the Beemers post Pulled Pork Burger

There had apparently been a motorcycle festival just north of Kolding hence so many bikes but it is apparently always busy. Danish motorcyclists are no different from motorcyclist in OZ. It was only moments before they were chatting to us (luckily in English) sharing the usual enthusiasm and openness that I've come to enjoy in the Australian motorcycling fraternity.

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  1. Hi guys, glad to see you back on the air, the bikes look terrific. How can you not like a cafe located in Midlefart!
    Will follow your gourmet and motorcycle adventures with great interest.