Thursday, 20 August 2015

A little slice of Australia

I have been training my favourite coffee shop in the art of the typical Aussie burger.

They make great and tasty burgers here but I miss the simple and glutenous pleasure of the Aussie burger with the lot. Today he chef, Agnes,  has cracked it.

We have been experimenting over the recent weeks slowly converting one of their burgers into the Aussie burger by adding and subtracting various ingredients. The first challenge was convincing them to include pineapple, then egg but they slowly came around. The bigger challenge was the inclusion of Rølbeder (Beetroot) pronounced "rrolllbelller". The Danes are not that big on beetroot so it has taken some time to convince them. I ended up just nipping out to the supermarket and buying it myself.

The final trick was to simplify. Most of their burgers have lots of different and shredded ingredients this is just slabs of simple stuff.

See the finished product below. It was glorious and the Grev Axel crew loved it especially the simple colourful layers. This will likely become part of the menu along with replacing  "god dag" with "ooroo" as the standard farewell to customers.

Aussie Burger with the lot ( Paleoish, as in excuse the cheese)

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  1. As I'm sitting here in a service centre carpark just Nth of Sydney waiting for the traffic to die down a bit I suddenly developed a massive appetite reading your blog. Fortunately the means to fix that are at hand. I could even have a cigar afterwards...