Thursday, 18 October 2012

GS OZ Day 21 Exmouth 390k 4:10hr

A quick coffee in main street Carnarvon then off to exmouth. The ride was hot Mallee giving way to Malee with haystack shaped Termit mounds for 100s of K's

Was to camp in on of the bush camps along the Cape Range Nat Park but there were no shady sites available and the wind and sun were fierce. Instead I took a motel just outside of town right near the Harold E Holt Naval Base that hands all the ULF communications with submerged submarines for both the RAN and the USN.

Had a swim in the pool then back to town for a slap up Chinese meal.


  1. That is a long way from no where. Are you going to dive with the whale sharks

  2. Nope Whale sharks only around Apr-Jul. I'll be back for those another time.